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Secure High-Performance Networking

Every modern business depends on its network, but not all networking appliances are created equal. FireBrick design and manufacture professional network products, with unsurpassed reliability.

Backed by a responsive UK based customer support team, the FireBrick range is flexible, highly configurable, and can meet a majority of networking requirements. At the same time all FireBricks offer simple to manage protection for your network, and are extremely easy to deploy.

The internet is dead, long live the internet!

World IPv6 LaunchWith the demise of the old internet (IPv4) companies are having to work out how to get their office network on to the current internet protocols (IPv6). Without this they will find increasing problems with access to parts of the internet as well as more of more of the usual issues with Network Address Translation (NAT). IPv6 provides a means to have real IP addresses on your network with the FireBrick providing firewalling and control that you need. Even if your internet provider does not support IPv6 yet (and you should really find a new one if that is the case) you can gain most of the advantages of IPv6 using the FireBrick as your network gateway. A FireBrick provides the key component to any office upgrading to use IPv6.

Are you IPv6 Ready? Find out more about what happened on World IPv6 Launch 6th June 2012.

Office gateway for Internet and Voice

April 2012: FireBrick launch Voice over IP gateway. The FireBrick not only act as an Internet gateway, but also as a VoIP gateway providing office PABX features and connecting to VoIP SIP carriers.

By acting as a SIP concentrator and PABX the FireBrick resolves the usual issues associated with Network Address Translation. Phones on the office network register with the FireBrick, and the FireBrick connects to external carriers. Features include internal calls, call transfer, hunt groups with time profiles and fallback, busy lamp (tested on SNOM phones), call pickup and call steal. One of the key features is that the FireBrick can work with both IPv4 and IPv6 SIP devices bridging the audio between them.

In the long term FireBrick plan to launch an FB6000 model for large scale voice carrier usage handling tens of thousands of calls.

Five reasons to choose FireBrick

1Reliability: FireBrick has supplied network solutions to a wide spectrum of customers, ranging from SME's to enterprise IT departments and internet providers. By combining high quality UK manufacture with up-to-date custom-engineered software, FireBrick network appliances can be rolled-out with confidence!

2Security: FireBricks provide a simple means to control access to your network - blocking intrusion but allowing traffic you want to allow. As well as a configurable firewall, they offer high-end features such as intrusion reporting, ICMP aware session tracking, tunneling, and address mapping.

3High-end performance: FireBricks are much more than boxes that connect each machine on your network. As well as an ethernet switch, router and network firewall, FireBricks have much more to offer: Double (or more) your connection speed using DSL bonding, connect securely to offsite machines with an easily-configured VPN, or set up multiple independent "demilitarized zones" (DMZs). For full list product features see the product pages.

4Flexibility: A range of models and options allow you to chose the right product for your network, and even allow the standard feature-set to be expanded quickly with on-line upgrades should you have an unexpected requirement. Even so, you do not have to worry about per-user licences or paying for software upgrades.

5A great price-performance balance: Compared to competing products, FireBrick network appliances provide a fully-fledged feature-set at a modest price, giving you much more performance, flexibility and features for your money.

Available now

The new FB6000 series of FireBrick products offers ISP/telco grade gigabit performance are available now. The FB6202 is already in use by a number of ISP. Contact your dealer for more information.

The new FB2900 series of FireBrick products provides the latest firewall/router/VoIP/VPN platform for small office with throughput up to 750Mb/s.