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FireBrick FB2500
FireBrick FB2500

FireBrick FB2500

The FB2500 series provides the entry level firewall/router package.

The basic specification is the same as the FB2700 except:-

  • The FB2500 does not have a USB host port for 3G backup
  • The maximum routing throughput of the FB2500 is 100Mb/s, which is much slower than the FB2700 which can do around 350Mb/s

See FB2700 product pages for more details.

Base and Fully loaded

Just like the FB2700, there are two models of FB2500.

  • Base: Includes firewall, router, VLAN support, VRRP, PPPoE for DSL/fibre internet links, DHCP server and client. Fully IPv6 support.
  • Full loaded: Includes bonding features (load sharing features, and multiple line PPPoE), FB105 tunnel protocol to allow VPNs to be created, BGP (limited table), L2TP server, and PPPoE server.


  • RRP for the FireBrick 2500 in "base" specification is £350.00+VAT
  • RRP for the FireBrick 2500 in "fully loaded" specification is £600.00+VAT

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