News & Blog: FB2900 Release

Introducing VÄGGFÄSTE

FB2900 Release

One of the features that has often been asked for is a rack mount kit. With the launch of the FB2900 comes the launch of "VÄGGFÄSTE"! A truly versatile 19" rack and wall mount kit:

FB2900 Rack Mount Kit

RRP: £35 plus VAT


Single FB2900

Single Unit

A typical scenario where a single FB2900 is mounted in 1U of rack space, the FB2900 can be mounted on either the left or the right. Cables can be passed through to the rear through the centre hole.

Dual FB2900

Two units

Two units can be mounted side-by-side, the centre piece has a hole to pass through cables.

Front or rear mounting

2900 Rack mounted either way

FB2900 can be mounted either way around - as port and status LEDs are on both faces no information is lost, you can choose where you want your cables to go.

Wall mount

Wall mount

The smaller rack ears can be used to mount a single FB2900 to a wall.


You can download the installation PDF: FB2900Bracket.pdf

What's in the kit

Everything is included in the kit to install your FireBrick(s) in any of the possible ways.

  • 1x Large 'L' bracket
  • 1x Centre 'U' bracket
  • 2x Small 'L' brackets
  • 9x M3 Countersunk screws
  • 9x M3 Hex socket cap screws
  • 1x 3MM alen key

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