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FireBrickĀ® is a range of innovative, flexible network appliances imagined, designed, developed, programmed, built and supported in the UK. Utilised in many situations, from the core networks of broadband providers and VoIP operators, to the networks of technically adept home users, the FireBrick offers features and value not seen in other devices.

The Models

FB2900 Series

Our office product. Capable of routing approx 750Mbits/sec - ideal for leased lines, multiple bonded DSL circuits or similar. Of interest in a commercial setting, the unit also has SIP PBX, IPSec VPN and traffic shaping functionality; an ideal all rounder for your office. AC and DC power options.

Starting from Ā£500 plus VAT (RRP)

FB6000 Series

End of sale has been reached. A new product is in the pipeline.
Our datacentre-grade range of appliances. With dual power supplies and individual task-specific models for various purposes within the ISP/ITSP, the unit is exceptionally low in power consumption, making it very green, and able to fit within even very tight power footprints that many providers allocate.

FB9000 Series

New model, in development.
Higher specification replacement of the FB6000. All SFP: 2x 10Gb/s ports, 8x 1Gb/s ports. Dual power inlet, 1U, low power consumption. Features as per FB6000 range. Email us if you are interested and we'll update you in due course.

Case Studies

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