Key Features

Key/Network features

  • Four copper 10/100/1000Mb/s Ethernet ports with Gb/s switching and routing up to 750Mb/s
  • One SFP gigabit Ethernet port, allowing a range of SFP modules for additional copper port, fibre, etc. (The SFP does not need to be specially 'coded')
  • Current internet protocols (IPv6) built in to the design from the start, not an afterthought.
  • Full ICMP and ICMPv6 aware stateful session tracking
  • Interface packet dump compatible with tcpdump and wireshark
  • Comprehensive firewalling rules using interfaces, protocols, and ports, source and target
  • Support for controlled access and mapping in NAT environments using NAT-PMP and PCP
  • Port and IP mapping including basic NAT, and mapping between IPv4 and IPv6 with ICMP and ICMPv6 handling
  • Multiple VLAN operation allowing DMZ and segregated networks
  • Powerful DHCP server as well as IPv6 route announcement for simple control of an office network
  • Syslog logging (windows servers are available) and SNMP monitoring

  • Optional Industry standard Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) allowing multiple device fallback
  • Optional routing features for multi-homed installations using BGP or OSPF
  • Multiple independent routing tables
  • Local DNS caching relay with configurable DNS overrides
  • Real time graphs of usage / shapers and ping graphs
  • Traffic shaping, limiting speeds and/or allowing bursting over a time period
  • Simple web interface (http or https) and command line interfaces, including XML based config and web based config editor
  • Config test and roll-back features
  • Time profile and ping monitoring to control aspects of operation automatically
  • Multi-colour configurable information LED to aid remote diagnostics and report status visually
  • Automatic free software updates, and sub second reboot time
  • 9k MTU switching, and 2k MTU routing allowing baby jumbo needed for PPPoE and un-fragmented L2TP to carry full frame packets
  • MQTT Broker, with some FireBrick operations (Profiles/VoIP/DHCP) being able to send MQTT messages.
Dual FB2900s in the Rack mount Kit

Further Features

Internet access features

  • PPPoE allowing multiple bridging modems to be connected directly or via VLAN switch
  • Very fast PPPoE negotiation and recovery
  • Optional multiple line bonding working with suitable ISPs or via tunnels
  • Optional load balancing multiple ISPs with weighting options
  • Fall back routing
  • Routing based on traffic type and source addresses
  • IP level NAT with configurable timeouts and port mappings
  • 3G/4G dongle support (multiple dongles via suitable USB hub) - works with selected models of dongle
  • Can work with some models of direct SFP VDSL/ADSL modem modules to allow a direct connection to VDSL/ADSL line
  • Optional operation as PPPoE BRAS with local or RADIUS based authentication for small scale ISP set up


  • Optional IPsec with IKEv2
  • Optional Legacy "FB105" unencrypted tunnel support
  • Direct L2TP client support
  • Optional L2TP server with local or RADIUS based authentication for small scale ISP operations
  • ACME certificate management to work with Let's Encrypt for free and easy certificate set up for IPsec and https
  • ETUN Ether tunnels (RFC3378)
  • Hardware TRNG for added security

FB2900 and a phone


  • Compatible with standard SIP UDP 8 bit A-law operation for crisp clear phone calls requiring no conversion to/from PSTN
  • Operates as phone system allowing devices to register to it as telephone extensions
  • Operates as a phone/extension to connect to Internet SIP carriers, registering with the carrier as one or more phones
  • Can operate using back-to-back config allowing phones to make internal calls locally and have hunt groups whilst each phone is operating as an Internet based phone line
  • Hunt groups operating a variety of ways, with fall back, and time profile controls - including external numbers
  • Busy lamp field (tested on SNOM)
  • Call and group pick up
  • Call steal (reverse call transfer) feature
  • Call tee feature to allow call recording (stereo) on local or Internet based call recorders (linux s/w supplied)

The icons in the web page configuration editor

Physical/electrical, etc

See the FB2900 Quick Start Guide for formal details: FB2900 Quick Start Guide

  • Mains power via "figure 8" IEC mains connector, only 15W
  • DC option using Anderson Powerpole connectors, plug and tails provided. Automotive, or 48V industrial DC options.
  • Metal case, 185mm by 135mm by 35mm (40mm with feet) so will typically fit on 1U rack shelf with clearance. 720g (typical mains power version)
  • Connectors: 4x RJ45, 1x SFP, 1xUSB, power (AC or DC). All connectors on one side
  • LEDs for copper port status, and general multicolour status LED. Mirror LEDs on other side
  • Rack/wall mount kit allows mounting either way around/up
  • No fans or air holes, runs cool (though plug in devices such as USB or SFP could get hot)
  • Tested against all relevant specifications including new safety tests.
  • Made in UK. Uses in-house firmware, operating system and bootloader, coded in UK. This includes all security code such as IPsec.
  • Small, low power, cool operation makes the FireBrick ideal for use in street furniture / cabinets providing VPN, VoIP, BRAS services.


  • The main option is base or fully loaded where the latter has all of the above optional features. It is possible to upgrade at a later date.
  • Rack mount brackets for single FB2900 in standard 19" rack, or dual FB2900, both in 1U height. Rack mount kit also allows for easy wall mounting. See the bracket guide: FB2900Bracket.pdf
  • A completely new power supply design allows us to also offer DC power options, either automotive (up to 24V) or industrial (48V).


front side

bracket kit


  • Software upgrades are free to download for the life of the product
  • The FB2900 has a 5 year warranty
  • UK support team as well as support from your accredited dealer
  • Free software upgrades, with on-going s/w development of new features
  • Optional support packages available soon including extended warranty, advance replacement, and config archive

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