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FireBrick FB6000
FireBrick FB6000

FireBrick FB6000

The FB6000 series of products is a family of high speed ISP/telco grade routers and firewalls providing a range of specific functions.

ISP/telco grade performance...

Internet service providers and telecommunications companies have very high demands for equipment - it must handle the load of thousands of users and must work absolutely reliably all of the time. The FireBrick team have taken a decade of experience with the FB105 router/firewall product to produce the first of a new range of solutions which are truly ISP grade. Of course, you don't have to be an ISP or telco to have the same high demands.

Key features of the FB6000 family

  • 1U 19" rack mount
  • Very low power consumption (typical 20W) - all important with today's power charges in data centres
  • Two small fans are the only moving parts for high reliability
  • Dual 120/230V AC power feed
  • IPv6 built in from the start
  • Gigabit performance

The current product variants are:-

  • FB6102: High capacity ping monitoring box (as used by ThinkBroadband)
  • FB6202: Gigabit L2TP LNS with detailed monitoring of all lines - ideal for BT WMBC, TalkTalk Business or other wholesale operators
  • FB6302: Gigabit BGP router capable of handling multiple transit feeds and hundreds of peers
  • FB6402: Gigabit stateful firewall handling hundreds of VLANs
  • FB6502: Gigabit core VoIP SIP switch for ISTP use
  • FB6602: Mobile GTPv1 GGSN/L2TP gateway

Low power

Power consumption is not just a green issue, but increasingly it is a big cost issue too. Data centre power is expensive and often limited. It is not uncommon for a whole rack to only have 2A of power available. The FB6000 series has been designed with low power in mind and is a fraction of the consumption of many contemporary routers at around 20W total.

Note one FB6000 user that has power control switches and uses nagios has said they are unable to stop nagios reporting that the power usage is too low. You may have to include other equipment on the same power switch to stop this.

IPv6 is happening

IPv6 is rapidly becoming important for internet providers and businesses, so the FB6000 series operating system has been designed to handle IPv6 from the start. This makes configuration and operation using IPv6 and IPv4 seamless and easy.

Innovation to save you money

The FB6000 series already includes some innovative features. The L2TP solution includes constant quality monitoring of broadband lines allowing a higher quality of technical support with fewer support staff. Real-time loss/latency/usage graphs are available straight off the FB6000 itself allowing simple integration in to ISP management systems.

Easy to configure

The configuration management in the FB6000 series is designed to be easy and simple to use. Configuration via web and with XML. The XML interface is perfect for scripted configuration from central management systems and includes published XSD definitions for integration with 3rd party tools. A serial and telnet based command line provide a range of features with interactive help.

Made to last

Just like the FB105, the new FB6000 are made to last. They are not just a PC, but are custom hardware built from scratch to provide performance and reliability. The same applies to the operating system and software - designed from the ground up for optimal performance. No need to worry about virus checking the FireBrick as all code is digitally signed and produced entirely by the FireBrick team.

Available now

The first of the FB6000 products are already in use with internet providers for critical system operations handling thousands of customers. A number of ISPs, small and large, have the eary releases in use now. The LNS has been used by several ISPs using BT's WMBC links and BeWholesale links as well and mobile data providers.

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